Company Introduction:

Beijing Jiade Fu Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a professional manufacturer of composite bag with a production of aseptic packaging of liquid food, its products are widely used in all kinds of paste filling, fruit and vegetable juice, keep good relationship with domestic supply has larger fruit juice, tomato paste production company, evaluation of the industry is higher, at present domestic market share rate of 35 ~ 50%.

The company covers an area of 6667 square meters, the total assets of 50000000 yuan, the credit rating of AAA grade. The company has rich production experience and independent and complete packaging production line, production according to customer requirements of various specifications of products, production capacity is 5000000 / year, capacity structure is more reasonable, can maximize meet customer demand and supply.

Aseptic packaging bag is widely used for filling all kinds of paste and fruit and vegetable juice, tea beverage, dairy, and aloe vera, fructooligosaccharides, edible oil, etc., stored at room temperature and the long time up to one to two years. Packaging products are generally required to long-distance transport, even across the ocean export abroad, so the material and the production of aseptic packaging requirements are relatively high. The heat sealing strength, in aseptic bag folding, pressure, friction resistance, anti drop performance and so on, and has excellent performance, quality and preservation.

Companies rely on packaging products production experience and unique production technology rich, application of high barrier, excellent material multi-layer composite successfully solved oxygen barrier property of aseptic packaging bag, the aseptic bag oxygen permeation rate of 0.8ml/cm ².24h.atm, packing product storage can be up to more than 18 months at normal temperature. Application of low polyethylene elastomer sealing temperature, high heat sealing strength to solve the heat sealing strength, tensile strength and other technical barriers. The Co60 radiation, thorough sterilization, the quality supervision center of the national packaging products and foreign authoritative testing agencies testing, the indicators have reached or exceeded similar foreign products. In recent years, the domestic beverage, fruit juice, ketchup industry leading companies use a lot of practice has proved, superior product performance, quality stable and reliable.

Aseptic packaging bag structure into three layer: PE/M-PET/PE. The wear resistance and the protection performance of outer PE film has higher, to adapt to long-distance transport; middle M-PET with high barrier, Gao Zheguang; the inner LLDPE film in direct contact with the contents, acid resistance, good alkali resistance, the materials used are in line with the America FDA standard.

Our company has engaged in the production of packaging for many years of technical experience and advanced production equipment, there are three Taiwan production layer co extrusion film blowing machine 1 Taiwan, domestic two layer film blowing machine 3 Taiwan, dry compound machine 1, the Japanese 3 bag machine, Japan imported special testing equipment 5 Taiwan, is the domestic first-class production technology and equipment.

The company has special laboratory, equipped with advanced detection equipment, and hired experienced engineers, strict control of each procedure, ensure that each batch of products have to undergo a rigorous testing.

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